As someone who has been balancing a successful corporate finance career, a family and many hobbies for years, Dave Hebeda understands the value and importance of time management.

While taking on the many responsibilities that come with his role as Corporate Controller for Vein Clinics of America., Dave Hebeda still finds time to spend with his family, play guitar, play poker, fish for Muskie, and play in his 70’s rock/80’s heavy metal band.

Dave Hebeda knows he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his family and favorite hobbies if it weren’t for certain time management skills he has picked up over the years. After seeing how proper time management has made a difference in his life, Dave Hebeda believes it is something that’s important for everyone to learn for the following reasons:

Time is precious: Time is a limited commodity and should be treated as such. Consider your time to be something that is valuable and use/spend it wisely. Having this mindset is the first step toward better time management.

Work smarter, not harder: Time management allows you to be more efficient with your daily tasks. A properly planned schedule can allow you to get more done with less effort.

Better decisions: Leaving more time to do things will ultimately lead to more time for you to make decisions. When you have good time management, you allow enough time to ponder and determine what choice would be best when faced with a decision.

More success: Time management leads to more success because it allows you to accomplish so much more than those who do not plan out their time wisely.

More knowledge: By managing your time, you’re able to learn more and experience life at a faster pace. Time management has helped students graduate school early and corporate executives rise to the top of their companies.

Less stress: If you’re not scrambling around trying to get everything done because you managed your time well, you’ll be much less stressed. Time management also helps lead to more free time, which can be used to do more stress-relieving activities.

Better work: Proper time management typically leads to more time to complete tasks, which in turn produces better work all around.

More discipline: Getting in the habit of practicing time management skills will get you in a routine and make you a more disciplined person. This type of discipline can be carried over into other areas of your life and be very beneficial.