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David Hebeda Explains the ‘Figure 8’ Musky Fishing Technique

David HebedaWhen he’s not crunching numbers as a certified personal accountant or spending some quality time with his family, David Hebeda enjoys fishing for musky and taking in the great outdoors. Ove the years, David Hebeda has learned many helpful musky fishing techniques and he’s always looking for ways to share what he has learned with other anglers.


One of the most effective tactics that David Hebeda uses when fishing for musky is called the “Figure 8” technique. This is something musky fishermen can do to further attract these northern freshwater fish, and David Hebeda is here to explain how it works.


It doesn’t matter what type of musky bait you’re using, whether it’s small spoons or soft plastics; the “Figure 8” technique can be used to increase your chances of landing a fish.


The “Figure 8” concept takes advantage of the fact that muskies are at the top of the food chain in most waters they inhabit, having little to nothing to fear. This lack of fear makes them curious fish that have very abstract hunting and eating habits. Musky will usually follow potential prey before considering eating it. This regiment holds true when muskies are following your bait as well.


The “Figure 8” tricks the musky into eating your bait. This is how it works.


As you’re reeling in your bait and it gets close to the boat, regardless of whether you see a fish following your bait or not, speed up your retrieval speed. You always want to increase your retrieval speed when entering the “Figure 8” motion.


Next, put your rod tip into the water and make wide sweeping “Figure 8” motions with about 2 feet of line out. A proper “Figure 8” motion requires wide turns because musky can get quite big in length and it would be hard for a 45-inch musky to follow turns of only 30 inches.


If you see a musky is aggressively following your bait, speed up your retrieval. But if the musky following your bait seems lethargic or uninterested, try slowing the “Figure 8” motion down, which will give it an easier target.


If you want to optimize your musky fishing, every cast should end with a proper “Figure 8” technique.


David Hebeda hopes that you find this blog post useful and are able to translate this information to more fish. Be sure to visit out blog again soon for more musky fishing advice from David Hebeda.

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